General Interest

July 2015     “Just What Makes a Good European?                      Merkel, Nietzsche, and the future of                        Europe,” Foreign Policy.



June 2015     “Afterlife of a Manuscript: ‘A

                     scholarly whodunit’ of      

                     Michelangelo, Nazis, and safe-

                     cracking,” Los Angeles Review of                            Books.



Spring 2015  Review of Hilde Spiel, Fanny von

                     Arnstein: Daughter of the            

                     Enlightenment (New Vessel Press,

                     2013), Lilith Magazine.


May 2014     Review of Rachel Cohen, Bernard                          Berenson: A Life in the Picture Trade

                     (Yale, 2013), The Forward.

Academic Publications 

June 2016   “Baltimore Teaches, Göttingen                            Learns: Cooperation, Competition,                      and the Research University,”

                   The American Historical Review.


Sept 2015   “Aby Warburg and Weimar Jewish                      Culture: Navigating Normative

                   Narratives, Counter Narratives, and                      Historical Context,” in The German-                    Jewish Experience Revisited, eds.                        Liska and Aschheim (de Gruyter).               

April 2013  “The Other Weimar: The Warburg                       Circle as Hamburg School,”                                 Journal of the History of Ideas 74

                    (2013): 307–330.


Dec 2011    “PanDora, or Erwin and Dora  

                    Panofsky and the Private History of                     Ideas.” The Journal of Modern

                    History 83 (2011): 753–787.