Review of "Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College, 1933-1957" in the LA Review of Bo

One of the most fortuitous encounters I've had since arriving in Greensboro in 2010 has been with Black Mountain College. Since I'm interested in interconnections between German émigrés, American higher education, and cultural history, the history of this little-known school, which was in existence from 1933 to 1957 is something of a gold mine. I've been engaging with the story for the last several years -- a third book is possibly in the works! -- and finally had the chance to research in the archives in Western North Carolina in the summer of 2015. This past fall I visited the exhibition "Leap Before you Look," then at the ICA in Boston and now at UCLA's Hammer Museum, which you can check out here For my review essay on the exhibition and catalogue see the May 16th issue of the LA Review of Books.